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Shelf-stable hummus in a cup set to stir up the category

Shelf-stable hummus in a cup set to stir up the category
Hummus in a shelf-stable retort pouch packed inside a mixing cup takes the healthy snack to anytime, anywhere convenience.

Hummustir’s innovative kit-style packaging offers a new wrinkle in the category for on-the-go anywhere convenience: Shelf stable, flexible pouches of hummus packed inside a large paper cup that are opened and mixed at the time of use.

Baruvi Fresh LLC, New York City, launches USDA-certified organic hummustir, the first in a line of healthy snacks made with hummus. Because there’s no need to refrigerate until after the shelf-stable product is mixed, consumers can enjoy hummustir anytime, anywhere.

The soft, ready-to-eat hummus is packaged in two foil-laminate retort pouches, one that measures about 14x4 inches that’s the same width and about twice the length of the other. These pouches are folded and packed inside a large coated paper cup with a tamper-evident-sealed lid. The tapered 3¾-inch diameter x 3¼-inch high cup holds 12-oz net weight of product. Also packed inside the cup are a packet of dry seasonings and a film-sealed wooden spoon.

Using a tear-notch, consumers open and squeeze the pouch contents into the cup, add seasonings to taste and use the spoon to stir up a batch of like-fresh hummus. A business-card size list of instructions that repeats those printed on the cup is also included.

The product is available in three varieties:

Classic: a simple, smooth hummus;

Mediterranean: hummus with a tangy twist of lime and garlic;

Village: hummus with a traditional touch of garlic and cumin.

"The launch of hummustir is very exciting for the team as it's a culmination of years of research to bring fresh hummus to all,” says Alon Kruvi, managing director. “Hummustir is paving the path to a future where there will no longer be a need for unnatural, preserved, refrigerated hummus. It will be mainstream for people to easily make fresh, delicious hummus at home or on the go.”

Vineet Bokaria, Baruvi’s managing director, shares with Packaging Digest  the two key considerations why the packaging was selected.

“We selected this container because it allowed the three ingredient pouches to sit comfortably within it, as well as allow consumers to easily make fresh hummus, on demand, in a mini bowl,” he says. “The larger exterior of the container also allows for an attractive design to be featured, in addition to highlighting hummustir’s key benefits and information.”

The graphics design was handled by Moosylvania, an independent ad agency based in Missouri.

Cup performs triple duty as secondary packaging for the components, and combination mixing and serving bowl.

Size and shape add to the consumer experience

The cup’s shape and size provide additional benefits to consumers.

“Our design goals were to identify an ergonomic method for consumers to stir the chickpea puree and other ingredients, as well as easily eat out of the container,” explains Bokaria. “The proportion of our hummustir packaging is balanced. It’s not flat and wide like other hummus brands on the market, as this often leads to the hummus spilling over the sides while stirring or dipping into it.

“The packaging is also deliberately not thin and tall, which is often difficult to eat from and doesn’t stack well on shelves. Our packaging allows consumers to make fresh hummus easily and allows them to enjoy their authentic dip and spread without creating a mess.”

Hummustir unpacked reveals the five components, including two pouches, a seasoning packet, a handy business-card sized instructions list and a spoon for stirring.

A container that does it all

As with most packaging developments, this one, too, had a challenge.

“The biggest packaging challenge was to find a container that would house all three ingredient pouches and the hummustir spatula in a stackable, convenient size,” says Bokaria. “We also needed a container that allowed consumers to easily stir their own fresh hummus on demand. We set out to source a container that wasn’t too wide and short like a flat bowl, to avoid spillage while stirring, yet be ergonomically balanced and proportional for easy dipping. The end result achieves our design goals, which allows consumers the chance to easily make fresh hummus at home or on the go, and enjoy their own authentic dip and spread without creating a mess.”

Hummustir is available for purchase in 12-oz portions on, in-store at Crisp and will soon be available at local grocery stores. [Ed. Note: a 3-pack was selling for $14.36 with free shipping on orders over $49 at]

For more information, visit

Ed. Note: We tested the Mediterranean version and found it to be incredibly smooth and tasty like a genuine, made-from-scratch fresh hummus.


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