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Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on December 18, 2018


While the biggest bands and musicians play to packed stadiums, the packaging industry’s biggest stage domestically is McCormick Place in Chicago, which in mid-October hosted Pack Expo. The star-studded venue featured the biggest names in packaging highlighted throughout numerous product markets including the top-billed duet in the business, food and beverage packaging.

An octet of select innovations from that market each brought something new and different to take the spotlight in this report released November 1. As an encore, here again is that star-packed lineup in order of appearance:

1. A barrier food tray made of primarily of kraft paper—and looks like it, too—that’s 100% recyclable.

2. A near-field communication (NFC) tag integrated into the cap so that it can be applied seamlessly to bottles at production-line speeds.  

3. The North America debut of the Asepto holographic aseptic carton for beverage products.

4. A familiar name moves into the resealable liquid pouches market for the first time with a zipper-less, patented technology.

5. These high-clarity and sustainably-optimized PET food trays with several key benefits are also an NA first. 

6. The world’s first liquid refill system engineered exclusively for ecommerce distribution debuts.

7. A bulked-up closure system brings something new and convenient to the powdered and granular products market. 

8. This nifty little reclosure turns bagged products from boring to beckoning.

For the full long-play version, see Pack Expo 2018: 8 advancements in food and beverage packaging.


#3 A marketing plan to make you smile


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