Top 5 food packaging hits of 2018: Page 3 of 5

Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on December 18, 2018


There’s a number of songs related to smiles and smiling that have charted over the years. Similarly, veteran Packaging Digest contributing editor Kate Bertrand Connolly recorded a hit with a report on a  PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division program that put smiles on bags of Lay’s Potato Chips as part of a limited-time “Smile with Lay’s” campaign. For each purchase of one of the specially designed bags—which are printed with the smiles of real consumers—the brand is making a donation to Operation Smile, an international charity that helps young people who need surgery to correct cleft conditions.

The packaging design, which incorporates a diverse assortment of smiling faces, rolled out across the United States in February. Fourteen of Lay’s potato chip flavors are available in the grin-inducing food packaging. Sizes include 2.88-oz (three-serving) and 10-oz family-size bags.

In addition to buying Lay’s Smile bags in-store, consumers can go online to order a bag of Lay’s Classic Potato Chips printed with their own smile. Sarah Guzman, senior director of marketing, Lay’s, answered questions about the packaging and the campaign.

You can read all about it in Lay’s Potato Chip bags use smile power to help kids in need.


#2 Chewy chewy sweets and snacks

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