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Vegan chocolate packaging is sweet on sustainability

Article-Vegan chocolate packaging is sweet on sustainability

Vegan chocolate packaging is sweet on sustainability

A new gourmet vegan line of chocolates has recently been launched by HNINA with packaging that is made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable kraft paper produced with wind energy.

Packaging Digest caught up with the chocolatier to discuss its packaging design for the gluten-free treats.

Did sustainability play a role in the package development?

HNINA Team: We strive to use ingredients that are grown in biodiversity and that are produced as locally as possible. We are dedicated to using proper social and environmental fair trade practices. Our packaging is made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable kraft paper produced using wind energy. This is more than a symbol, but a pattern of our dedication to remaining close to nature and far from any unnatural, processed, engineered and unhealthy practices.

What design trends does your packaging set in the confectionary market?

HNINA Team: We wanted our packaging to feel luxurious, whether we set a trend is too early to tell, but we probably did strike down an original path by expressing several of our guiding principles in our packaging. Our chocolates are raw, pure, healthy, artisanal and environmentally conscious. For that we used recycled kraft paper. Our packaging may start a trend of high-end gourmet confectioners who will want to be more environmentally conscious while showcasing beauty and elegance.  

What were the key goals and requirements from a packaging and marketing view?

HNINA Team: One of the key goals for our packaging from a marketing standpoint was for the package to speak our message, for our consumer to understand, without us having to explain or show what was inside the box. We wanted the quality, sustainability, traceability and ingredient purity to be evident from the packaging. Our packaging is made from recyclable fibers and wind energy. It is quite challenging to have elegance, simplicity and sustainability associated together but we found a way by also adding a beautiful wax seal on top of our box which reflects authenticity purity and luxury. It was also a more formal and poetic way for us to express our message.

From a packaging standpoint, we wanted our packaging to be attractive yet functional. The kraft paper packaging helps to infuse the flavors of our raw cacao. As our core product is an assortment box of truffles, the upper insert not only serves as food-safe insulation but also as a flavor guide for our customers. Part of our environmental consciousness also encouraged us to develop multiple-use packaging, not only in the aesthetic chocolate packaging, but also the cold pack recyclable Styrofoam boxes we use to ship the chocolate boxes in. 

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