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We Deliver the Best Packaging on National Pizza Day

Article-We Deliver the Best Packaging on National Pizza Day

Image courtesy of Kostiantyn Zapylaiev/Alamy Photo Stock Alamy-Pizza-Box-Above-Kostiantyn-Zapylaiev-2HEKDJW-1540x800.jpg
While the pizza is the main attraction on #NationalPizzaDay, the box can serve as the ideal warmup act, as these examples demonstrate.

Whether pepperoni, sausage, veggie, or the works, who doesn’t like pizza?

We decided to celebrate #NationalPizzaDay February 9 packaging-style by vetting social media for posts that center on the box designs.  After all, pizza served with interesting or unusual box graphics is a double winner, the best of which we’ve curated in the Tweets below.

Nothing like Italian style drawing to add a touch of class.

Pizza packaged with flat wine is truly an inspired packaging pairing.

The impressive photo-quality art and well-struck “let’s play two” were a hit with us, but we can't help but think this should have been from Home Run Inn pizza.

Pizza for a good cause.

A flexible twist on the theme.

A video answer to one of life’s mysteries.

We finish things off with an unexpected box reuse idea from last year’s party.


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