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Wholly Guacamole brand debuts Mini Dipping Cups

Wholly Guacamole brand debuts Mini Dipping Cups
Wholly Guacamole Cup new

Wholly Guacamole Cup newGuacamole has long been celebrated as a party treat, and the Wholly Guacamole brand, America's No. 1 selling refrigerated guacamole, is making it easier than ever to take the party where you are. The company is introducing an easy-to-open snack cup, perfect for dipping - the new Wholly Guacamole Mini - designed with snacking in mind. These new 100-calorie, 2-ounce containers hold the same product consumers know and love and make it easier to bring the delicious dip with wherever they go.

According to a recent Wholly Guacamole survey, approximately one-quarter (23 percent to 26 percent) of refrigerated dip consumers have had guacamole at a party or social event at or away from their homes. Almost one-fifth (18 percent) have used guacamole as a snack during the evening and 16 percent have used it as a snack during the day. Additionally, guacamole continues to be a versatile dip, condiment and ingredient in the home.

"We want Wholly Guacamole products enjoyed in the car, at work or at any play date, basically anytime by both adults and children," says Tracey Altman, vice president of marketing at Fresherized Foods. "While our larger sizes are perfect for family meals and parties, the Minis are designed for consumers who are looking for a fresh way to spice up their daily snack and lunch box routine with a nutritious option. These days, guacamole goes way beyond the party chip. Consumers can enjoy our Minis with veggies, pretzels, or as a spread substitute for mayo on their sandwiches."

Squeeze or dip

The company website, which shows the clear thermoformed cups sealed with clear lidstock, adds these bits: "Peel the lid back a little for an easy squeeze or peel the lid back all the way for delicious dipping. This is an easy guacamole to love. It's simple guacamole goodness in the convenience of a travel cup. Stays good in your freezer for up to 3 months."

The Minis will appear on grocery store shelves everywhere by mid-August and are available in four different flavors: Classic, Spicy, Avocado Ranch and Chunky Avocado. Consumers can purchase the Minis in either a 4- or 6-pack product size. The 4-count suggested retail price is between $3.99-4.99, and the 6-count is $5.29 - 5.99. Like all Wholly Guacamole products, the Minis are all natural, gluten free, with no preservatives and kosher certified, making them the perfect substitute for mayonnaise and ranch dressing.

To celebrate the launch of the Minis, Wholly Guacamole is sharing lunch ideas for people of all ages on its Facebook page and website at Guacamole lovers can submit photos of their own lunch creations between now and Sept. 27 to win a $100 Visa gift card and a Wholly Guacamole lunch box filled with Wholly Guacamole product. Three winners will be announced each week.

Source: Fresherized Foods


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