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Edible marijuana labeling problem has an analytical solution?

Edible marijuana labeling problem has an analytical solution?
Increased accuracy for product potency means improved labeling and safer consumers.

Sage Analytics feels its new generation analyzer can increase the accuracy of potency amounts for marijuana merchandise, labeling and packaging for a more informed consumer and safer and more reliable products.

A recent report on CBS News claims that edible marijuana products from cereal and granola to chocolate chip cookies and gummy bears are causing an increasing number of visits to the emergency room. The report said that doctors, regulators and police from California to Colorado are observing a downside from the lack of adequate standards for legal marijuana products.

Sage Analytics, Boulder, CO the developers of a new generation of equipment for the testing of marijuana potency and moisture content, responded to the report.

"There's no way to know the content of the THC, nor what the other additives are, and clearly they are not done in the auspices of public health or standards for restaurant production," San Mateo Police Chief Sue Mannheimer told CBS News for their report, which also stated that edible marijuana makers seemed to place much of the responsibility for product safety on the consumer.

Sage Analytics president, Matt Kaplan, said that he looks forward to working with manufacturers of cannabis infused edible products, and providing them with tools and technology to address this critical issue so that they can independently and regularly test their extract or oil prior to manufacturing. This will lead to greater accuracy of potency amounts in their merchandise, more precise labeling and packaging, a more informed consumer, and safer and more reliable products.

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