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3 high-efficiency options in form/fill/seal packaging

3 high-efficiency options in form/fill/seal packaging
The robag FX 3ci can produce up to 250 bags per minute.

These advanced f/f/s machines have you covered whether you’re interested in a bagger for frozen foods, an ultra-high-speed output of 250 bags per minute or an efficient portion-pack-cup production system.

With an emphasis on cutting-edge optimization, this trio of state-of-the-art machinery exemplifies the advancements across the industry in form/fill/seal packaging production machinery. Represented are major machinery builders tna, Rovema and Oystar Hassia.

Ultra-high-speed bagging in a compact machine

With an industry-leading output to 250 bags per minute, the robag FX 3ci high-speed vertical form/fill/seal packaging machine from tna Packaging Solutions  offers production flexibility in a compact, easy-to-clean system that is suitable for a wide variety of products. Some highlights:

  • Provides up to a 30% in performance improvement in terms of output vs. rejects ratio;
  • New tna auto-splice automatically changes film reels when one is finished, increasing packaging efficiency and product throughput by reducing the need for manual intervention;
  • Along with the patented tna hyper-detect metal detector and the tna intelli-scan visual print code verification system, the tna robag FX 3ci provides manufacturers with a complete packaging solution.


Technology-packed bagger is engineered for frozen food applications

The BVC 400 VFFS Bagging Machine from Rovema North America, a subsidiary of Rovema GmbH, is a continuous-motion, dual-axis servo, vertical form/fill/seal machine offering  broad flexibility in product sizes and shapes demanded by the frozen-food sector.  Capable of running up to 150 cycles per minute at a maximum forming width of 400mm, the hygienic design BVC 400 is equipped with two new technologies that set it apart:

  1. Sense & Seal is a patented quality control system that determines if product is present in the cross-seal area and, if so, discharges the bag without applying seal pressure. This prevents any excess product from being accidentally sealed in the seal area to reduce downtimes for jams and extends tool life.
  2. Sense – Tack – Welding, (STW) applied to monolayer films used in the frozen food sector is claimed to offer advantages over Constant Heat Poly and Impulse Seal technologies. STW also seals laminated films to provide a repeatable, low-cost solution for sealing a variety of films used for frozen foods.

A hygienic stainless-steel design provides easy cleaning while a closed-frame structure keeps all product contact parts segregated from noncontact parts. Additionally, a slightly offset electrical cabinet simplifies cleaning.

The BVC 400’s flexible configurations allow for packaging products including chicken nuggets, french fries, vegetables, seafood and more. This same machine also can be designed for fresh foods with ultrasonic welding requirements. 


First of a new family of portion-pack machines for f/f/s cup production

The energy-efficient Hassia FFS Machine Model P300 from OYSTAR USA for the form/fill/seal production of small to medium-sized portion packs at rates to 63,000 portion cups per hour.  The machine can handle all common packaging materials, including PS, PP and PET.

The P300 is the first in a new line of cost-effective f/f/s machines that combine compactness (a footprint of 6 X 1.5 meters or 19.8 ft x 5 ft ) and low operational and repair costs. The capability is expansive:  more than 1,000 types of cup sizes and configurations including oval, round, square or honeycomb-shaped. 

The FFS P300 can store rollstock for 110,000 cups in the same space as a fill-seal machine can store 10,000 premade cups, a space savings of more than 90%. 

If you’re interested in seeing three more f/f/s systems that were previewed last October just ahead of Pack Expo Intl., see 3 form/fill/seal machines to help your product stand out.

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