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By Rick Lingle in Form-Fill-Seal on March 17, 2015


First of a new family of portion-pack machines for f/f/s cup production


The energy-efficient Hassia FFS Machine Model P300 from OYSTAR USA for the form/fill/seal production of small to medium-sized portion packs at rates to 63,000 portion cups per hour.  The machine can handle all common packaging materials, including PS, PP and PET.

The P300 is the first in a new line of cost-effective f/f/s machines that combine compactness (a footprint of 6 X 1.5 meters or 19.8 ft x 5 ft ) and low operational and repair costs. The capability is expansive:  more than 1,000 types of cup sizes and configurations including oval, round, square or honeycomb-shaped. 

The FFS P300 can store rollstock for 110,000 cups in the same space as a fill-seal machine can store 10,000 premade cups, a space savings of more than 90%. 


If you’re interested in seeing three more f/f/s systems that were previewed last October just ahead of Pack Expo Intl., see 3 form/fill/seal machines to help your product stand out.


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wish i cud afford one !!!