Bagger uses band sealer to make smooth seam

Lisa Pierce in Form-Fill-Seal on February 16, 2017

The Model XYM15 vertical form-fill-sealer offers the new option of replacing the typical hot-air sealer for making the back fin seal on bags with a vertical band sealer. The system folds over the film to create a smooth, more aesthetic-looking seal that lays flat—no more flappy fin on the back.

From Triangle Package Machinery, this 3A-sanitary bagger—seen at the WestPack 2017 show—runs laminated film at speeds of about 100 feet per minute. Stepper-motor driven, the system was designed with these three features:

1. Easy retrofit: Quick disconnect makes it easy to swap the vertical band sealer with a hot-air sealer and vice versa.

2. Compatible connections: The band sealer uses the same pneumatic and electrical cables as an air heater, making swaps fast and easy.

3. Easy changeable band: A lever releases tension on the band for easy removal and replacement. Heat is conducted away from the band so this can be done safely.

The XYM15 can make pillow, gusseted or flat-bottom bags for a variety of food applications. It also offers the option of using ultrasonics to make the cross seal and/or back seal.



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