High-barrier BOPP film for food packaging is PVdC-free

Rick Lingle in Form-Fill-Seal on May 27, 2014

Food packaging is one of the primary markets for a new BOPP-based film from Toray Plastics (America) that is “green” in everything but color: It promises high clarity, high oxygen and moisture barriers and, notably, lacks polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC).

Heat-sealable CBS2 BOPP is intended as the inside sealant film for  salty snacks, cookies, crackers and dry pet food as well as other food products and non-foods.

The film runs on horizontal and vertical form/fill/seal systems.

It is a replacement for coated OPP and PET and other substrates. It’s available in 70 and 80 gauge and is a source reduction versus thicker OPP films. CBS2 film can also be used as an unsupported web for flexographic and rotogravure surface printing.

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