Vertical bagger now applies zippers to various 3-side sealed pouches

Lisa Pierce in Form-Fill-Seal on August 30, 2016

Pick a pouch, any pouch. It’s likely the Model XYRJ vertical form-fill-sealer can make it—and apply a zipper now, too, to produce consumer-preferred reclosable packaging.

The ability to add a lengthwise zipper is a new option on this less-than-a-year-old packaging machine. Introduced by Triangle Package Machinery late in 2015, the XYRJ bagger captured the attention of packaging machinery users because of its versatility in creating a variety of bag styles: pillow, gusseted, 3-side-seal and Doyen. It’s able to switch pouch formats—in 15 minutes or less—because its sealing jaw can be easily rotated, and without complicated tools.

Using a VFFS machine instead of a horizontal system to apply a zipper to 3-side sealed pouches saves on floor space, and increases speeds and, subsequently, output. The 3-side sealed pouches are filled and sealed sideways, in a 90-degree position. The zipper is added to what looks like the side of the bag but is actually the top of the finished package.

Bags can be sealed with heat or, optionally, with ultrasonics. The latter can create an airtight seal even with product in the seal zone. This can save packaging material by tightening up the headspace and creating narrower seals. Ultrasonic sealing also saves production time and energy because operators don’t need to wait for the jaws to heat up or cool down and because bagging speeds are always higher with smaller bags.

Intermittent- or continuous-motion systems are available, with top speeds reaching 120 bags per minute.

See demonstrations of the XYRJ bagger at Pack Expo 2016 (Nov. 6-9; Chicago) in the Triangle Package Machinery Booth S-2430.

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