Vertical form-fill-sealer creates wide and very long bags

Lisa Pierce in Form-Fill-Seal on October 10, 2017

Without adding any extra height to the machine, the Morpheus XL vertical form-fill-sealer can produce bags up to 15 inches wide and up to 48 inches long. This gives users the flexibility to run retail and institutional sizes on the same machine (such as hamburger patties)—making it a good value, especially for contract packagers.

From Matrix Packaging Machinery, a Pro Mach company, the Morpheus XL runs in continuous motion to reach speeds of 120 bags per minute. But to produce long bags, the system goes into intermittent motion, which stops the carriage so the film can continue to advance in longer lengths as the made-bag sits/lays on the exit conveyor. It continues to make the longitudinal (back) seal but waits until the bag reaches its set length before making the cross seal and separating the finished bag from the formed rollstock.

The manufacturer touts other benefits of the flexible, high-speed Morpheus XL unit in a press release: “With its fast, precise changeover and broad range of bag sizes and types, a single Morpheus XL can potentially replace two slower and older machines for significantly lower capital investment and reduced labor.”


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