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Green cleaning innovator Ecover gets packaging makeover

Green cleaning innovator Ecover gets packaging makeover

Ecover, a leader in the green cleaning arena, has redesigned its plant-based, recyclable cleaning product line to coincide with its 35th anniversary. The brightly-colored packaging is fun and inviting while the eco-friendly formula inside has been enhanced with fresh, naturally derived scents.

The new redesign touts the products main green benefits with easy to identify symbols for consumers. The ingredients are clearly laid out for shoppers to quickly scan and understand what is inside each cleaning product. The logo has taken on a softer logo with lowercase letters and a heart leaf plant to represent the company’s nature-based formula. The ergonomic-shaped bottles are transparent which has been on the top of consumer’s wish list as they want to see what they’re buying exactly. Also, on trend with sustainability, the bottles are readily recyclable and composed of Plantplastic, Ecover's own blend of plant-sourced plastic made from sugarcane, and post-consumer recycled plastic.

In 2012, Ecover joined forces with design-forward Method, a leader in eco-friendly household, fabric, and personal care products to create the world's largest green cleaning company.

"We developed Ecover's new design and packaging to be friendly and modern and were inspired by the bright colors found in nature," says Sally Clarke, global creative director of Method + Ecover.  "We feel the new look will help Ecover reach more consumers and better illustrate our values, while continuing to be deeply rooted in nature-based science."

The revamped product offering consists of laundry, home care and dish products in a variety of fresh, naturally derived fragrances and fragrance-free options. Ecover's new products retail from $3.99 to $14.99 and are available at Whole Foods Market, natural channel stores, and online on

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