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Info Showcase

VBS offers a complete line of patented LCI liquid nitrogen injection systems that will pressurize and/or inert containers at line speeds up to 2000 cpm. Ideal for hot fill applications, PET containers, glass bottles and cans, the LCI promotes cost-saving measures including light-weighting bottles and reducing cardboard packaging materials. See us at East Pack Booth # 4524

VBS International, Inc. 408-371-3303; Fax: 408-371-3320 E-mail: [email protected]

Flexible Packaging - Langen Robotic Top Loader LRC-400i

Flexibility, Reliability & Speed - Demanded by packagers, these key elements are now finally available in one machine, the LRC-400i. Uniquely modular and a truly redeployable asset, the LRC-400i offers cost savings while performing even complex pack patterns such as multi-count and variety pack patterns.

Langen Packaging[email protected] Tel: 905.670.7200 Toll Free: 1.866.338.7775

Air Blast Systems Blow Water Off!

Air Blast Inc. air knife systems are designed to blow water off of packages prior to labeling, cans, and bottles, prior to labeling, ink jet coding, and packaging. We also blow off produce prior to waxing, and packaging. Air Blast systems are also designed to control the depth of coatings and toppings.

Air Blast Inc. 626/576-0144; E-mail: [email protected]

Technipes Transfert Automated Valve Bag Placer

Technipes Transfer(R) automated valve bag placer satisfies industry demand for an uncomplicated and economical method of valve bag filler automation. Rugged construction combined with seamless pneumatic operation delivers superior reliability, virtually maintenance free operation with speeds up to 8bag/min. Transfer® is compatible with paper, polyethylene, or polypropylene valve bags.

Cordano Packaging Engineers, LLC Tel: 678-947-0314, Fax: 678-947-0313

Natural Selections(tm) for YourPackaging Needs

Unbleached kraft pulp - Lightweight linerboard Corrugating medium - Unbleached converting grades With more than 75 years of experience, Port Townsend Paper Corporation understands your needs, and delivers solutions and high-quality products with superior service.

Port Townsend Paper Corp. 360.385.3170, [email protected]

GATE-LESS ROFLO(tm) Distribution Systems

The unique "GATE-LESS" product discharge system - eliminates product breakage, maintenance, breakdown and cleaning using servo driven, simple mechanics! ROFLO(tm) uses programmable servo drives to generate only the required pan movement. Its linear motion and the low force generated ensure that the product being conveyed moves as a single entity.

TNA North America 972-462-6500 x512, Fax: 972-462-6599

21 Years. 21 Awards

FloStor develops implements and supports award- winning integrated material handling solutions for the management of inventory, distribution, logistics, and process manufacturing systems. A variety of product resources from the world's best manufacturers provides the best solution to suit your unique requirements.

FloStor, Hytrol Hayward, CA Nashville, TN 800/500-8256

PVC/PETG/OPS Printed Shrink Sleeves by Ameri-Seal Inc

Front, Back, Sides...Ameri-Seals have you covered. These Shrink Labels can be printed up to nine colors rotogravure, and are available as clear, colored and custom printed PVC, PETG and OPS heat shrinkable films. High-Speed machinery formulations available. Give your products an edge over the competition with beautiful custom printed sleeves.

Ameri-Seal Inc. Tel. (818) 700-9036, Fax: (818) 700-9062, [email protected]

Compak(tm) Jr. Flyer

The Compak Jr. is simple to carry and operate yet powerful enough to handle virtually all of your induction cap sealing jobs from the smallest closures to 110 mm wide-mouth containers. The Compak Jr. is i deal for lab use, test marketing new products and small production runs. Complete with multiple heads, this self contained unit plugs into a standard wall power and can be traded in for up to 100% of your purchase price. Enercon Industries; Ph: 262-255-6070 Fax: 262-255-7784; E-mail: [email protected]

New Alpha Checkweigher Ideal for Flexible Packaging

Powered weigh table offers high accuracy for tough-to-handle pouches. Alpha Checkweighers is adding a newly redesigned model to its product line ? the Alpha PW-12. The table is designed specifically for flexible packages that are unsupported, irregularly shaped, or otherwise difficult to handle. For more information, contact:

ALPHA Checkweighers; 1/877-GO-ALPHA E-mail: [email protected]

P.E. Labellers MODULAR Labeling System

The P.E. MODULAR Labeler delivers the maximum labeling system flexibility that is available on the market today. The labeling stations are Modular for interchangeable labeling depending upon the application. The labeling stations are Modular for application that require Pressure Sensitive, Cold Glue, Hot Melt or Roll Fed. The Modular system is available for speeds ranging from 100 to 800 B/M. P.E. Labellers also manufactures a wide range of other labeling systems.

P.E. USA, Inc. P: 513-771-7374, Fax: 513-771-3820 [email protected],

Validatable Medical Tray Sealer

Offering superior process repeatability, the SP1428M meets the needs of virtually all medical tray sealing applications. SP1428M offers ergonomic design, centralized controls, welded construction, process controls. With the free standing shuttle, packagers are offered a choice of seal sizes: 12 x 16 or 14 x 28 in., with package depths up to 3 in.

Algus Packaging, Inc. [email protected]

CDI Specializes in Innovative Designs

Computer Designs, an ISO 9001:2000 thermoform packaging company with over 17 years experience in the Medical, Electronic and Consumer industries. CDI specializes in innovative designs, advanced tooling and in-line high-speed production. CDI cuts lead- times by utilizing advanced CAD/CAM technology for prototype and production tooling.

Computer Designs

New RF Sealing Machine

Our KS Series two station floor model shuttle type RF sealing machines are ideal for low to medium volume or JIT production of clamshell packaging. These units can achieve speeds of up to 8 cycles per minute using one or two operators. These high-quality, budget friendly RF sealing machines are ideal for start-up operations, cellular manufacturing or back-up equipment.

Visual Packaging Group Inc. 800-950-7225 E-mail: [email protected]

GenNext Technologye

As a result of Bosch Rexroth's GenNext Technology(tm), the latest generation in packaging equipment will have improved uptime, productivity, ease of use, and connectivity, as well as reduced cost. Other benefits include Intelligent Predictive Maintenance, longer equipment life, corrosion resistance, and tremendous flexibility in choosing the best-of-class in components.

Rexroth Bosch Group Phone: 717.393.3831 Fax: 717-393-1403

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