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5 packaging inspection systems worth a closer look
Online inspection systems provide consumers with heightened food safety and quality standards and packagers with peace of mind.

5 packaging inspection systems worth a closer look

This five-product roundup of inspection systems to be found at Pack Expo Las Vegas set for September 28-30 offer a diverse range of technologies including X-ray, vision, thermal imaging and an integrated, space-saving checkweigher-vision combo system.

We start things off with the energy-saving high-sensitivity XR75 Inspection System, which is built with a sensor and long-life generator that provide heightened sensitivity at lower energy levels for extended life cycles. The low-output X-ray generator reduces heat generation, eliminating the need for a cooling system and resulting in a 30% reduction in power consumption. In addition to contaminant detection, the system pinpoints defects in product shapes and checks package integrity.

The XR75 can reduce the lifetime operating cost by more than 20% compared to other systems, making X-ray inspection more affordable to purchase, own and operate, according to Anritsu, which will exhibit in Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth N-524.

Next is a space-saving combination system…

Combo checkweigher/vision system: The new CV3770 checkweigher/vision system saves floor space and equipment cost by combining the two operations into one unit that accepts large package sizes, big inspection areas and multiple inspections. The hygienically designed system uses MT CI-Vision’s CIVCore 11 software, which offers precision analysis of high-resolution images at up to 250 ppm. The checkweigher’s sensitive weigh cells and high-performance software deliver accurate weight measurement at high speeds. To see it in person, visit Mettler Toledo Product Inspection Group, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-1814.

Debuting in Las Vegas is this system that broadens the utility of thermal imaging…


The I²VS Lite, a simplified version of the Induction Integrity Verification System (I2VS) for bottles that employs a pioneering application of thermal imaging for induction integrity assurance, will be introduced at PELV. The new I²VS Lite utilizes the same dynamic thermal imaging technology as the original I²VS and, in terms of both machines’ primary purpose of induction seal inspection and analysis, is identical to its predecessor.  However, for the first time, the technology is presented in a configuration suitable to a wide range of packagers including those in food, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, automotive and other industries.  

The systems provide online, 100% induction sealing integrity analysis of bottles without line slowdown by performing inspection through the closed cap, without physical contact in an entirely passive, non–destructive fashion. Its problem-solving capability is reflected in the above visual key. Check it out at DIR Technologies, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth N-806.

Floaters in sealed bottles are a problem, especially if they leave a plant undetected…


The Spectrovision Floater detects foreign objects floating near the fill level of containers, including but not limited to transparent foil, cellophane, candy wrappers, paper, wood and plastic capsules. This allows companies to meet stringent detection standards and meet or exceed regulatory demands. Make it a point to visit Filtec, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-1607.

A bulk X-ray inspection system concludes our roundup…

The Eagle Bulk 540 PRO uses advanced X-ray inspection technology for high-volume, loose flow dry or wet bulk foods such as nuts, grains and fresh fruit, providing thorough identification of physical contaminants with precise rejection for less product waste.  A cupped conveyor yields more uniform product depth across the belt to prevent product spillage along the conveyor edge. It can be found only at Eagle Product Inspection Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-3803.

For more at Pack Expo

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