5 packaging inspection systems worth a closer look

Rick Lingle in Inspection on August 11, 2015

This five-product roundup of inspection systems to be found at Pack Expo Las Vegas set for September 28-30 offer a diverse range of technologies including X-ray, vision, thermal imaging and an integrated, space-saving checkweigher-vision combo system.


We start things off with the energy-saving high-sensitivity XR75 Inspection System, which is built with a sensor and long-life generator that provide heightened sensitivity at lower energy levels for extended life cycles. The low-output X-ray generator reduces heat generation, eliminating the need for a cooling system and resulting in a 30% reduction in power consumption. In addition to contaminant detection, the system pinpoints defects in product shapes and checks package integrity.

The XR75 can reduce the lifetime operating cost by more than 20% compared to other systems, making X-ray inspection more affordable to purchase, own and operate, according to Anritsu, which will exhibit in Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth N-524.


Next is a space-saving combination system…

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