Compact checkweigher sheds electrical cabinet

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Inspection on August 22, 2017

This new checkweigher saves footprint space by putting its electrical components and cables inside the frame. Minus a bulky electrical cabinet, the checkweigher can fit inside existing filling systems, as well as other packaging equipment. Helping out is the system’s three-leg base, which also makes it easier to level than a four-leg unit.

According to the manufacturer, the unit ensures accurate weight measurements by using MFR (magnetic force restoration) technology within the load cell, rather than the typical strain gauge load cell. Improved performance includes no reading drift.

Other benefits of the checkweigher are a tool-less belt removal for easier cleaning or changeover and open PLC controls for easier operation and calibration by the user.

See this new checkweigher at the Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery booth #C-4209 at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017 (Sept. 25-27; Las Vegas).

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