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PTI - Packaging Technologies and Inspection LLC

PTI Inspection Systems is the leading manufacturer of non-destructive package inspection technologies for the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries.

PTI is a leading provider of leak testing solutions, non-destructive package inspection systems for seal integrity, package integrity and container closure integrity testing. We manufacture technologies ranging from a new class of  high voltage leak testing technology (HVLD), vacuum decay, to airborne ultrasound.

We offer inspection systems for package integrity testing, seal integrity, leak testing and container closure integrity testing (CCIT). Our technologies exclude subjectivity from package testing, and use test methods that conform to ASTM standards. PTI’s inspection technologies are deterministic test methods that produce quantitative test result data. Our technologies conform to ASTM and other regulatory standards. We specialize in offering our customers the entire solution including test method development and equipment validation. PTI installations have been successful in globally transferrable and validated test methods around the world.

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Inspection and Testing Equipment
We manufacture non-destructive package inspection technologies for the pharmaceutical, medical device, food and container industries.
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