Self-learning X-ray unit optimizes product inspection

Lisa Pierce in Inspection on January 22, 2019

The new X34 inspection system helps brands prevent costly recalls due to product defects by finding contaminants as small as 0.4 millimeters. And, unlike traditional X-ray systems, as it is being trained to inspect new packaged product by passing the package through the system several times, the X34 decides what combination of voltage and amperage to use to optimize the inspection.

The machine’s automated product set-up dramatically decreases the chance of human error, eases operator training and greatly reduces the number of false rejects.

This single-lane system matches its power and contrast levels to the task at hand, ensuring proper inspection performance while saving on energy. It can “see” metal, glass, high-density plastic, mineral stone and calcified bone fragments across a range of packaged foods and pharmaceuticals.

Regarding sanitation, its standard washdown rating is IP65, but it can be upgraded to IP69. And, for quality assurance and control, the optional ProdX advanced data management tool stores images of detected contaminants and connects to external traceability and regulatory compliance systems.

See the new X34 in person at WestPack 2019 (Feb. 5-7; Anaheim, CA) in the Mettler Toledo Booth 5124.

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