Small but mighty checkweigher rejects overs and unders—separately

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Inspection on February 17, 2016

Inspection benefits that might not be obvious at first are easy to grasp once you see them in this quick video clip about the AD-4961-600-1224 checkweigher from A&D Weighing, which debuted at WestPack 2016 and was sold right off the show floor.

To help you better identify and fix filling irregularities, this 600-gram unit has dual-channel airjet rejectors that sort overweight and underweight products.

Daniel Cannistraci, product manager, inspection systems, at A&D Weighing, demonstrated the system and its reject feature at WestPack 2016 in the short video above.

The complete system—which consists of four main units: an in-feed conveyor, a weighing conveyer, a control unit and a base unit—measure just 24 inches long. Adding the rejector extends the length to 32 inches.

The checkweigher is so small that you might fail to see its potential at first. But its size allows it to integrate easily into established packaging lines in various industries, such as food, beverage and nutraceutical. The company is also working on a version for the pharmaceutical market.

Additional features of the mighty inspection system include:

• Product throughput of up to 400 pieces per minute (ppm).

• Accuracy of +/- 0.08 grams with less expensive strain gauge load cell.

• Audio guidance support via the user-friendly color touchscreen interface.

• IP65 washdown rating.



See a host of new ideas in packaging machinery—including inspection equipment—and more at EastPack 2016, June 14-16, in New York City.


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