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Teledyne TapTone

Established in 1971, Teledyne TapTone is a leading manufacturer of on-line package inspection systems for most container types.

Teledyne TapTone provides inspection systems which enable packagers to test, analyze, pass or reject cans, jars, bottles, and other containers for various types of defects - all in a fraction of a second. TapTone systems are the most cost-effective, high accuracy inspection systems available anywhere in the world.

Teledyne TapTone systems are designed to inspect seal integrity, visual attributes, fill level, vacuum and pressure levels in most container types. TapTone systems operate at full line speeds, identifying and removing faulty products from your line before they reach your customer.


Leak Sensors

TapTone manufactures a broad range of leak, vacuum, and pressure sensors designed to test flexible and rigid plastic, metal, and glass containers. Our systems use a variety of technologies (Acoustic, Proximity, Force and Compression) to determine the relative vacuum or pressure of a container or to determine if there is a leak present. All of these sensors require a User Interface. Please refer to the User Interface section of our website to find the appropriate interface and its description.TapTone systems are all designed on the basic design principle of flexibility. Our user interfaces can operate multiple inspection sensors simultaneously, use minimal floor space, and require virtually no line alterations, making them well suited for existing production lines. With the broad scope of inspection systems available from TapTone, you are assured to find the system best suited for your container, line, and budget.

Fill Level Sensors

TapTone offers three distinct technologies for fill level inspection: x-ray technology, infrared optical technology, and vision technology. Our low energy x-ray system, Fill_xr, can inspect all container types including metal and is the most sensitive system TapTone offers. Our infrared optical system, Fill_ir and our range of vision based systems can be used to detect fill level in transparent and semitransparent plastic and glass containers. All fill level systems require a User Interface for set-up and operation. They can purchased as stand-alone inspection systems or can be added to other TapTone systems for multifunction product inspection.

Vision Sensors

TapTone offers both full scale and inspection specific vision sensors to meet your needs and your budget. TotalVu and SelectVu, powered by Teledyne Dalsa camera technology, are smart camera sensors for full vision applications or single inspection applications. CapVu and CodeVu are our cost effective camera solutions for limited visual inspection on passing product.

User Interfaces

TapTone offers a selection of User Interfaces to meet most budgets and inspection requirements. All of our User Interfaces offer mulitple inspection control from a single platform. From our entry level TapTone 100 user interface to our most versatile and powerful TapTone 4000 PC user interface, TapTone delivers the highest quality construction and intuitive user interaction. All of TapTone's user interfaces are NEMA 4X IP65 rated. Click on any of the icons below for additional information.


TapTone manufactures two versions of its pneumatic ram rejector and is just introducing a new standing rejector/laner. The pneumatic ram rejectors are available as a 1/2 in / 1in stroke and an 8 inch stroke for cases. The latest product, the Segment8 rejector, uses eight individual segments to gently move product off the line for rejection or diversion purposes. The Segment8 rejector will be available for delivery in late 2013 and was just previewed at PackExpo in Las Vegas.
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Inspection and Testing Equipment
We provide on-line inspection systems for the seal integrity testing of cans, jars, bottles and plastic containers.
TapTone SelectVu Vision Sensor

The new SelectVu Vision Sensor is a cost effective, scalable solution for code, date, lot number, label, closure, tamper ring, and fill level inspection. Up to four sensors can be operated from a single user interface allowing for visual inspection at key points of your production line.

Segment8 Rejector

The Segment8 Rejector from Teledyne TapTone is a standing container rejector/laner.

Teledyne TapTone Content
The SelectVu vision sensor performs visual inspection using a single camera and lighting in a stainless-steel enclosure. Operating at speeds up to 2,000... More