X-ray inspection system enhances its sanitary design

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Inspection on January 12, 2016

The new XR75 x-ray inspection system for foods, pharmaceuticals and other packaged goods features an improved sanitary design—with angled surfaces for water run-off, removable curtains and fast tool-less belt removal for easy cleaning. New technology on the highly sensitive machine has increased the lifetime of critical components—such as the x-ray tube/generator and detector—by 300%, which cuts operating costs by 20% compared to other systems, according to the company. Simplified menus help operators easily set up the system, which is described as energy and cost efficient. The manufacturer’s four-phase Detection 360 program—Discovery, Mapping, Integration and Performance—is designed to help customers meet their product safety goals by identifying the proper areas to inspect on their production lines.

Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA, www.anritsu.com

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