Label transport

January 29, 2014

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Label transport


PM-300 and PM-300-HS (high speed) are offered as two reel-to-reel label transports that, the co. says, become ideal systems for printing or overprinting labels when combined with a commercially available printhead. The co. claims the first can print and rewind a 12-in.-dia label roll in less than 7 min, and the high-speed model in less than 5 min. The model choice is dictated by how fast the ink-jet head can print. With a single 9-pin connector interface, both models have an integral encoder with 0.0016-in. linear resolution supporting up to 5,000 dpi print resolution, with single-unit pricing starting at $2,795 and 2- to 4-week delivery, the co. asserts.

Labelmate LLC, 877/833-7149.

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