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Modular Labeling Machine Offers Quick-Change Modules

Image courtesy of KHS Group Labeler_KHS.jpg
With its quick-change modules, the flexible Innoket Neo Flex labeling machine masters all standard labeling techniques.

With its quick-change modules the flexible Innoket Neo Flex labeling machine system masters all standard labeling techniques.


The KHS Group unites the KHS Innoket Neo Flex and KHS Innoket Neo in a single series. This supersedes the previous Innoket SE generation of machines.

Flexibility first.
Thanks to the Innoket Neo’s flexible design the individual modules on this customizable labeler can be freely combined. “In the past, there was a separate machine for each different labeling technique,” said Henrik Kahrmann, product support at KHS. “This was optimized for its specific area of application but reached its limits when customers wanted to expand their portfolio, for example by adding self-adhesive labeling in combination with the classic cold glue method.”

The Innoket Neo can be configured at will thanks to its modular design. The new Innoket Neo Flex goes several steps further when it comes to standardization and meets all customer demands in a single series – regardless of whether with permanently installed stations or as a modular machine. Depending on the machine size and respective requirements the Flex series can be equipped with two to four modules. These are exchanged with just a few manual adjustments performed without tools.

The Innoket Neo Flex also demonstrates flexibility in the choice and size of container. The machine labels both plastic and glass containers and cans in all of the standard sizes. The output totals up to 74,000 containers per hour. Depending on requirements all further standard capacity ranges can also be catered to.

The flexible Innoket Neo Flex can be used as either a single machine or as part of a production line. “Our labelers have been designed so that they can be easily integrated into any existing or planned line,” said Kahrmann.

KHS GmbH, Dortmund, Germany +49 231 569-0

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