Linda Casey

January 29, 2014

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SkyPeople refreshes labeling for juice beverages
4_New_Juice_Packages for SkyPeople


4_New_Juice_Packages for SkyPeople

SkyPeople Fruit Juice Inc., a processor of kiwifruit, apple, pear and other concentrated specialty fruit juices, has introduced four new labels for 500ml bottles of its Hedetang juice. The new labeling is the result of a four-month long package design project that is intended to complement the brand’s growing distribution area, which has been expanded past its original customer bases in Xi'an and Beijing, China. The products will be available in 200 retail locations in multiple cities in Asia, including  Beijing, Tianjian, Wuhan and Xi'an in early 2011.

"Our design team has been developing new packaging for Hedetang juices for the last four months," says Mr. Yongke Xue, CEO of SkyPeople Fruit Juice. "We now sell six flavors of Hedetang juices in 280 ml glass bottles, our new 500 ml glass bottle and case packs, including apple juice, pear juice, kiwifruit juice, mulberry juice, kiwifruit cider and mulberry cider.  We position our juices at a premium retail price of 4.80 yen or $0.73 US dollars for the 280 ml bottle, 11.80 yen or $1.79 US dollars for the 500 ml bottle and  78.00 yen or $11.84 for our six-pack box. Our pricing, unique flavors and superior taste of our beverages allow us to retain shelf space at some of the best known food retailers in China.  We are extremely pleased with our results so far, with our beverage sales growing by an impressive 89 percent, from $5.3 million in 2008 to $10.0 million in 2009. The new labels, along with expanded distribution into new markets, will help increase our brand awareness and sales."

Initial shipments of juices with the new packaging began in Xi'an on January 28, 2011. Customers shipped included Walmart, Trust-Mart, which was acquired by Walmart, and La Cuisine Royale.


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