Captain Morgan turns Cannon Blast bottle into a pumpkin

Rick Lingle in Labels on October 18, 2016

Packaging for the seasonal Captain Morgan Jack-O-Blast limited-edition pumpkin spiced rum bottle looks and feels like a real pumpkin from the skin-tight orange shrink-film wrap to the rough-textured stem-like over-the-cap portion.


October is a time when the weather turns cooler, leaves turn color and pumpkins start showing up everywhere including in liquor stores.

While the latter usually means all varieties of pumpkin artwork on beer and other beverage packaging, Diageo’s Captain Morgan brand rum pushes the idea to the extreme: A limited-edition revision of its Cannon Blast cannonball bottle that converts it into a Jack-O-Blast pumpkin bottle that contains pumpkin-spiced rum.

“As much as we enjoyed tropical cocktails over the summer, it’s time to make room for the bold flavors of fall everyone enjoys,” says Linda Bethea, Captain Morgan vp. “Captain Morgan [Jack-O-Blast] is a must-have for responsible adult consumers during their favorite seasonal activities, whether it’s at football tailgates, Halloween parties or backyard bonfires with friends.”

Like the cannonball bottle before (read our 360-degree examination of the cannonball bottle from April, Captain Morgan bottle is a blast), the 750mL pumpkin bottle leverages the round bottle shape, but adds a few distinct and clever touches starting with a striking, full-wrap, skin-tight and wrinkle-free pumpkin-mimicking shrink-sleeve label.


Two other features on the pumpkin bottle include a flaming pumpkin and gold-green print pirate skull.


How a great is this pumpkin? Check it out as we play…Spin the pumpkin bottle to identify what’s new and different from the Cannon Blast bottle besides a realistic textured pumpkin-orange shrink wrap as we take it for a clockwise spin:

  • The Cannon Blast name is now the Jack O’Blast with the “O” a lit cannonball, all in a reflective gold color and with stenciled lettering;
  • The blazing ship logo on the wrapped cannonball bottle side is now a blazing pumpkin;
  • The white pirate-hatted skeleton logo from before is a greenish gold color;
  • The UPC “bomb” has been subtly improved, with a red lit fuse and black sparks that were all red prior; the UPC also extends into the bomb’s top unlike before.

Another special feature is seen only under black light; that’s when the shrink-sleeved bottle simulates the look of a carved pumpkin.

Other than using some modified colors, the rest of the visual artwork is essentially the same as before with one major exception that truly sets this bottle further apart as one of its most distinguishing features:  The textured, shrink-film band on the cap.

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