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Rick Lingle in Labels on October 18, 2016


Replacing the rather bland red blast cap found on the cannonball is an awesomely realistic top stem right down to the film’s rough mottled green texture.

I can’t emphasize how closely the top matte-finish wrap portion mimics a real pumpkin stem other than to say it’s literally over-the-top impressive in look and feel.

The tamper-evident, perforated shrink film on the bottle neck is printed with Captain Morgan JACK-O-BLAST typography on two sides using a reflective gold ink.  

The Cannon Blast closure was a dull red-pigmented cap printed with plain black lettering and sealed with a clear shrink film, so this is a dramatic upgrade in several ways.

It adds a truly premium finish to an all-around classy and exceptional packaging design.


Packaging vendors identified


It is believed that PDC International supplied the equipment on which the package and other shrink-labeled Diageo packages are made. As an aside, PDC has a shrink lab often used for package development related to shrink-sleeve labeling including challenging applications like this one.

Additionally, we are confident that CCL Label ( is the shrink-sleeve-label supplier.

With two versions now under its belt, brand owner Diageo has crafted an iconic bottle it could continue to tap seasonally in fresh new ways. For example and if we extrapolate a trend here, we would predict that a round “ornament-al” bottle filled with a seasonal rum ahead of the holidays could be just over the horizon.

For now simply enjoy what is truly one of the greatest pumpkins you’ll see this or any fall in packaging.

The 750mL bottle has a suggested retail price of $15.99 and is currently available nationwide for a limited time this fall.

Diageo's press release about the product can be found at the brand's website. Ed Note: The on-package typography is printed as Jack-O-Blast, though the Captain Morgan materials refer to it as Jack O'Blast.




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