Smart Labels in Healthcare: Improve Logistics, Strengthen Security, and Communicate with Consumers

Tonna Anuligo in Labels on November 14, 2016

Download this white paper to learn about current and future developments in smart-label technology for pharmaceutical and medical packaging.

Smart labels for pharmaceuticals and medical products are already streamlining the cold chain, making track-and-trace possible, providing real-time shipping data, and enabling some brand-to-consumer communication. The future of smart packaging, however, goes beyond the label to include such innovations as smart pill bottles that record dosages taken and communicate seamlessly with the consumers’ smartphones. Smart packaging has the potential to engage directly and deeply with consumers and healthcare providers via NFC and advanced RFID technologies, ultimately increasing consumer compliance with therapy regimens and improving healthcare outcomes overall.

Read more on:

  • The various types of smart labels available to the healthcare industry and the advantages they provide
  • Chemical and electronic technologies used in smart labels for healthcare
  • Exciting future developments in smart-package technology that will give pharmaceutical and medical brands unprecedented access to consumer behavior and interests
  • Smart technology’s role in bettering healthcare outcomes for all
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