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Laser sensors

WORLD-BEAM® QS18LD laser-diffuse and QS18LLP laser-retroreflective sensors deliver high-performance sensing with visible Class 1 lasers, tightly collimated sensing beams and extended sensing ranges. Both models use the co.'s QS18 standard housing to provide mounting and application flexibility. The QS18LD senses targets up to 300 mm away; the QS18LLP delivers retroreflective sensing up to 10 m. Designed for use where a high-power, small beam size is important, the sensors are suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and material handling industries, among others. Features include six connector options, including a 2- or 9-m integral cable, a four-pin Euro-style or integral pigtail QD and a four-pin Pico-style or integral pigtail QD. A crosstalk algorithm protects against optical disturbance from adjacent sensors, and bright green and amber status LEDs are visible from 360 deg.

Banner Engineering Corp., 888/373-6767.

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