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Festo Expands Its Electric Cylinder Range to Include the New Heavy Duty Electric Cylinder ESBF

Article-Festo Expands Its Electric Cylinder Range to Include the New Heavy Duty Electric Cylinder ESBF

The ESBF electric cylinder can produce feed forces competitive with hydraulic cylinders

Festo introduces the new ESBF heavy duty electric cylinder. The ESBF cylinder is capable of generating almost two tons (17,000 N) of feed force, making it possible to use in place of a hydraulic cylinder. The introduction of the ESBF extends the range of Festo electric cylinders beyond its DNCE electric cylinder range and provides a significant increase in maximum possible feed forces and speeds.

The ESBF electric cylinder is available in three sizes – 63, 80, and 100 mm – with three ball-screw pitches per size, making the ESBF an excellent actuator over a wide-range of feed forces and speeds. The ESBF is ideal for dynamic, highfeed- force applications, such as clamping, pressing, cable tensioning, and large component feeding.

Additionally, the ESBF electric cylinder offers great flexibility. With the optional IP65 protection and bellows kit, the ESBF can be customized for a wide variety of environments, including those with high humidity, sawdust, or metal chips, to name a few. The optional food-grade grease makes it possible to operate the ESBF above food zones with no concern for contamination. And the wide variety of mounting accessories simplifies design and saves time during installation.

For applications where space constraints may not allow the motor to be mounted axially, reverse parallel kits are available for the ESBF. If off-axis loading is required in an application, external guiding is offered as an accessory.

As with the DNCE electric cylinder range, the ESBF cylinder can be used with a variety of Festo motors and drives to meet the application requirements. Customers can use Festo’s free software, PositioningDrives, to easily select the correct ESBF, motor, and drive. The ESBF electric cylinder is easily commissioned using the Festo Configuration Tool (FCT) with a Festo motor and drive solution.

Key Specifications

  • Sizes 63, 80, 100 mm
  • Maximum Feed Force 17,000 N
  • Maximum Stroke Length 1,500 mm
  • Maximum Speed 1.35 m/s
  • Maximum Acceleration 25 m/s2
  • Repetition Accuracy +/-10 m to +/-15 m

For more information on the new Festo ESBF electric cylinder, call Festo at 800-993-3786 and visit

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