New Flow Wrapper Caters to Baked-Goods Packagers

The Hayssen R300 flow wrapper offers numerous hygienic features and is easy to operate, even for beginners.

Kate Bertrand Connolly, Freelance Writer

June 26, 2024

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Packaged baked goods on conveyor
BW Flexible Systems

At a Glance

  • An enhanced HMI provides operators with step-by-step guidance for changeovers.
  • The machine’s ultra-low roll height makes film loading easier and reduces risk of injury.
  • A blower keeps the chain clean during machine operation, and jams are cleared automatically.

A new flow wrapper from BW Flexible Systems, the hand-fed Hayssen R300, is designed to boost uptime, simplify changeover, and minimize cleaning time for food and non-food packaging.

The machine is ideal for foods such as cookies, brownies, croissants, and other sticky or crumbly baked goods, including products in trays. It offers ease of use, guided changeover through the human-machine interface (HMI), and automated jam recovery, with speeds up to 150 packages per minute (ppm).

One feature of the Hayssen R300 flow wrapper is its intuitive, user-friendly HMI that enables new operators to learn the system quickly. An HMI-guided changeover feature simplifies the adjustment of mechanical elements during recipe changes for folding-box width, height, approach angles, roller positions, and jaw height.

“By providing step-by-step guidance through the HMI, we reduce errors and save time during product changeovers, promoting rapid onboarding,” says Brantley Turner, global product line leader at BW Flexible Systems.

He adds that operators commonly overlook adjustments such as approach roller and jaw height post-changeover, leading to production issues. The guided changeover system addresses this challenge.

Easy to load and clean.

An ergonomic feature of the Hayssen R300 is its ultra-low film spindle, which aids operator accessibility and enhances safety. The low roll height decreases the risk of lifting injuries and makes film loading easier.

The stainless-steel machine is designed for easy cleaning, with sloped pans under the infeed that allow debris to fall through and an open-channel infeed design that simplifies wipe-down and rinsing.

In addition, operators can easily remove the tool-less infeed guards to gain access for cleaning. The machine is fitted with hangers to hold side guides during chain cleaning, and the reversible infeed side guides fit into commercial dishwashers.

An integrated, programmable blower cleans debris from the chain. The blower operates during production cycles, removing debris build-up on the chain.

Automated jam recovery.

An automatic jam-recovery feature on the flow wrapper helps maximize uptime and prevent film waste. A servo-motor jaw drive detects and clears product jams without stopping production; the machine’s jaws automatically reopen if they close on a product.

In case of a jam, the jaw system is designed to remain open for several cycles to allow the obstruction to clear before resuming normal operation without halting production. 

Product jams commonly occur because of misfeeds, improper setup, or oversized products. “Our system is engineered to handle these scenarios effectively, minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput. Many machines in this class typically utilize stepper motors and lack the automated jam-clearing functionality provided by a servo-driven system like ours,” Turner adds.

To enhance product safety and quality control, the flow wrapper features metal-detectable lugs that can be detected downstream by x-ray inspection equipment. located downstream. If a lug should detach and become trapped in a bag, it would be identified by metal detectors located downstream.

Additionally, the machine has clear guards, task lighting, and an open design to provide visibility during operation. Large LED lights that show the system’s status at a distance help operators respond to problems quickly.

The flow wrapper’s RFID login system prevents accidental changes to system operation. The technology eliminates passwords, ensuring that only authorized personnel can modify machine inputs.

RFID login enhances both security and efficiency, reducing downtime from accidental changes. This improves process consistency and accountability, while also streamlining operations.

With its many ease-of-use and cleaning features, the Hayssen R300 flow wrapper simplifies operations, boosts uptime, and offers manufacturers flexibility for their current and future packaging needs.

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