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Mettler Toledo Launches Compact Automated Weighing Indicator

Article-Mettler Toledo Launches Compact Automated Weighing Indicator

Image courtesy of Mettler Toledo Filler_METTLER_TOLEDO.jpg
Mettler Toledo launches compact automated weighing indicator
Unit offers built-in filling and dosing application for decentralized control.

Mettler Toledo Launches the IND360 compact automated weighing indicator with new built-in filling and dosing application for decentralized control.

The IND360fill/dose is the most recent member of the IND360 Compact Automation Weighing Indicator family with additional integrated filling and dosing functions that increase speed, accuracy, and repeatability in production machines.

This purpose-built fill/dose application’s self-optimizing algorithms provide tighter control, faster cutoffs, electronic filtering, and increased throughput in food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

The fast IND360 operates as an “ISA S88 state machine” allowing machine builders and control system integrators to adopt a decentralized control strategy by controlling filling and dosing locally. Integrated control allows you to run the process faster than centralized systems, while reducing hardware and achieving tight fill tolerances. As a result, the PLC performs other critical functions more efficiently, or the user may select a lower cost PLC. Control state is monitored/controlled by physical I/O and one of seven automation interfaces available, such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET or EtherCAT.

Mettler Toledo, Columbus, OH 614-438-4698



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