5 creative medical packages earn 2019 AmeriStar Awards

A handful of medical packages, each outstanding in its own way, have won AmeriStar Awards this year: the Orthofix Medical Tray, Target Simply Balanced Vitamins packaging, Klearfold Keeper CR, theDuallok child-resistant packaging systemand GlaxoSmithKline’s Allergy Relief Nasal Spray packaging.

Overall, the 2019 competition included more than 50 entrants and 17 product categories. These five medical winners were entered in the Drug and Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Other categories. The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) administers the AmeriStar Awards competition annually.


1. Orthofix Medical Tray

Entered in the Medical Device category, the Orthofix Medical Tray by Placon is a custom-designed package that holds medical screws used for surgical implantation. The primary package comprises a retainer tray and tray cover; two medical screws are secured within the retainer tray, with each screw head locked into the tray and the body of each screw suspended inside the tray. This configuration protects the hydroxyapatite coating on the screws from abrasion during shipping and handling.

The filled, covered retainer tray fits inside a pair of double sterile barrier trays, and the assembled components are packed in a paperboard carton. Orthofix had previously validated the double sterile barrier trays and uses them for an array of other medical products. Incorporating the pre-validated trays into the screw-package design saved more than $50,000 in package validation costs.

“Our design team continues to lead the industry to innovative packaging design in the medical market space. This packaging design was a result of customer collaboration to find a solution that we hope will carry forward a long-term success for this product,” says Derek Skogen, senior product manager at Placon.

“The unique feature that sets this package apart is the ability to suspend and hold the medical screw in place without touching anything that could cause any rubbing or abrasive friction that might result in the hydroxyapatite coating being removed or scuffed prior to use in the medical or operating room,” Skogen adds.


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