5 creative medical packages earn 2019 AmeriStar Awards: Page 2 of 5


2. Target Simply Balanced Vitamins

Packaging for Target Simply Balanced Vitamins, developed by TricorBraun, was an AmeriStar winner in the Drug and Pharmaceutical category this year. This premium packaging for a new line of upscale nutraceuticals offers operational efficiencies, child-resistance and senior-friendliness.

One bottle and closure design, in standardized sizes, is used for the product line, streamlining packaging-component manufacturing and storage. The bottle has an oblong shape, which differentiates the products from competitors on-shelf. The oblong packages are also more space-efficient than round bottles, which adds storage, distribution and merchandising efficiencies.

The bottles are designed with a wider-than-usual mouth, which enables faster filling and easy, hygienic dispensing. The transparent bottles give consumers a view of the product at retail and let them monitor how much is left in the package over time.

Color-coded labels and closures make it easy for shoppers to identify the various products in the Simply Balanced Vitamins line. The push-and-turn child-resistant closure pairs a colorful round cap with a clear, oblong overcap. The closure keeps children from opening the bottle but is easy for older consumers to open; directions for opening are embossed on the overcap.

It’s obvious when the consumer has not replaced the closure on the package correctly, because the cap juts out horizontally from the bottle. When the closure is flush with the oblong shape of the bottle, the package is securely closed.

The recyclable bottle and overcap are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and the resin used for the bottle is formulated with a UV inhibitor to extend the products’ shelf life.


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