5 creative medical packages earn 2019 AmeriStar Awards: Page 3 of 5


3. Klearfold Keeper CR

The Klearfold Keeper CR carton from HLP Klearfold, a transparent, child-resistant package for legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis, was a winner entered in this year’s Other category.

This clear plastic package showcases products on-shelf at cannabis dispensaries, elevating the items’ brand image and enabling consumers to see what they are buying. The tray-and-sleeve design conforms with Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) standards for child-resistant (CR), senior-friendly packaging.

During CPSC certification, “we quickly learned that because the test-subject children, aged 42 to 51 months, could see the CR package contents, they were significantly more motivated to try to get inside,” says Pat McGee, vp, marketing, at HLP Klearfold. “It was critical that the Klearfold Keeper CR be designed to provide security commensurate with the increased attention level of these very motivated children.”

To open the locked pack requires pressing a release tab on the carton; this unlocks the internal tray, which contains the product. Per CPSC requirements for multi-use packaging, the tray remains attached to the package after opening. Instructions for opening are printed on the package.

“In addition to delivering product visibility, the Klearfold Keeper CR’s plastic substrate offers far greater tear resistance than paperboard,” McGee says. “And the Keeper CR’s glue seams, often a failure point with paperboard CR cartons, are chemically bonded to provide an added measure of product security. The substrate resiliency allows for a simple but very effective locking mechanism, permitting the package to re-lock many times for multiple-use applications.”

Klearfold Keeper CR packages can be made from durable box-grade and thermoforming-grade recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) containing 30% post-consumer recycled content; bio-PET with 30% of the material derived from plant-based sources; or amorphous polyethylene terephthalate (APET).For product protection, the internal trays are molded to the precise shape and size of the cannabis product.


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