5 creative medical packages earn 2019 AmeriStar Awards: Page 5 of 5

5. Allergy-Relief Nasal Spray

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Health took home an AmeriStar Award for sustainability improvements to GSK’s allergy-relief nasal-spray packaging.Entered in the Other category, the redesigned nasal-spray packaging significantly reduces plastic use and shrinks the packaging’s carbon footprint by up to 50%.

The Flonase and Sensimist nasal-spray brands are the first in GSK’s respiratory category to receive a a complete sustainability assessment. The brand owner assembled a cross-functional team to make all parts of the nasal-spray packaging more environmentally friendly without sacrificing product performance or patient safety.

The team worked on the nasal-spray pump and actuator assembly, thermoformed clamshell, drug-facts labeling and product literature. All changes have been approved by relevant health agencies.

GSK has vowed to reduce its environmental impact by 25% by 2030 (versus the baseline year of 2016) by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water use and by repurposing waste for “beneficial use.”


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