6 striking pharma and medical packaging developments in 2018: Page 3 of 6

Lisa Pierce in Medical Packaging on January 03, 2019



4. What you need in anti-counterfeit packaging today and why

Pharmaceuticals aren’t the only products that rely heavily on anti-counterfeiting features on their packaging—luxury goods and high-end salon products subject to diversion represent a fair chunk of affected markets. However, the global drug trade suffers heavy annual losses from clever counterfeiters and manufacturers need to keep up with innovations in packaging to thwart counterfeiters.

In this article, experts with anti-counterfeit research organization and global leader in advanced security holograms Optaglio explain how the anti-counterfeiting landscape is changing and give a summary of critical general guidelines.

For example, too many protective elements on a package can create confusion with inspectors rather than enhance security. The authors recommend up to three large visible elements, along with a hidden level of protection from various technologies such as microscopic markers, protective fibers, plastic microparticles and micro-holograms.


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