6 striking pharma and medical packaging developments in 2018: Page 4 of 6

Lisa Pierce in Medical Packaging on January 03, 2019


3. Medical device package integrity test methods: 2018

Medical packages must be tested to assure the sterile barrier has not been breached. But which test is best?

With so many different options for medical device package integrity testing, wouldn’t it be great to have them all laid out in one document with explanations and pros and cons? In this free 25-page report, veteran medical packaging journalist Daphne Allen outlines the available package integrity testing methods, along with exclusive research on the most-used tests. Learn about:

• Bubble Methods

• Visual Method

• Dye Penetration Methods

• Decay Measurement

• Tracer Gas

• Airborne Ultrasound

• Vaccum Deflection

• Mass Extraction

If you are responsible for testing the integrity of sterile barrier systems for medical devices, you need this definitive guide. Download your free copy by clicking the headline above.


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