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Lisa Pierce in Medical Packaging on January 03, 2019

1. New Amcor: Assessing the impact of the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer packaging

Few markets are tied so tightly to their packaging suppliers. But in the highly regulated pharmaceutical and medical device businesses, long strategic partnerships are standard operating procedure, partly because of the arduous and costly validation process. Once a packaging material has been selected, tested and validated for use, it often takes a major event or disruption to induce a change.

So whenever a significant merger or acquisition takes place in the packaging supplier community serving the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, it gets a lot of attention.

On Aug. 6, 2018, Amcor announced it was buying Bemis in an all-stock deal worth US$6.8 billion. The combined company will be a packaging powerhouse, geographically and in four segments: flexible packaging, rigid plastic packaging, specialty cartons and closures.

While healthcare represents only 12% of the mega-packaging-supplier’s sales, the impact is still staggering because it represents $1.56 billion of the combined company’s $13 billion annual sales.

At the time, I wrote, “I wonder what advantage the New Amcor might have in global sourcing of aluminum/foil for barrier packaging for its food and healthcare markets.”

Are you a customer of Amcor? How has your experience with them changed or not changed since the news broke?



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