Medtech Unfiltered Celebrates Sterile Packaging Day

An industry expert joins Medtech Unfiltered to talk about the inaugural celebration of Sterile Packaging Day.

Amanda Pedersen

March 10, 2021

Sterile packaging is all too often an after thought that comes up at the end of the product development cycle, despite the fact that sterile packaging plays such a critical role in patient safety. That's why the Sterile Packaging Manufacturer Council  has initiated Sterile Packaging Day.

Brandon Fisher, sales director at PPC Flexible Packaging and a member of the Sterile Packaging Manufacturer Council (SPMC), joins MD+DI News Editor Amanda Pedersen during this week's Medtech Unfiltered to tell us more about the event and what Sterile Packaging Day means to him.


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Amanda Pedersen

Amanda Pedersen is a veteran journalist and award-winning columnist with a passion for helping medical device professionals connect the dots between the medtech news of the day and the bigger picture. She has been covering the medtech industry since 2006.

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