Mounting Cards Offer Eco Alternative to Trays

Rigid yet flexible, HDPE cards are an affordable, recyclable packaging solution to house and display medical instruments.

Kassandra Kania, Freelance Writer

July 2, 2024

Medical device manufacturers looking for less expensive, earth-friendly ways to package their products may want to consider high-density polyethylene (HDPE) medical device mounting cards, according to this video from Steven Label & Robinson Printing.

The cards are durable and moisture-resistant, and can be customized for a product with die-cut slots and tabs. They typically replace more expensive thermoformed trays to provide a firm yet flexible foundation for holding products.

The video touches on the environmental benefits of using mounting cards: HDPE can be recycled, and the cards tend to use less plastic than thermoformed trays. Additionally, cards can be made from paper cardstock to meet environmental specifications.

One of the biggest benefits of mounting cards discussed in the video is the potential cost savings compared to thermoformed trays: A tooling die for a mounting card can cost hundreds instead of thousands of dollars. The solution is suitable for annual usage quantities below 100,000 parts.

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Kassandra Kania

Freelance Writer

Kassandra Kania is a freelance writer based in Charlotte, NC. She has written extensively about healthcare packaging for a variety of publications.

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