New Event Set to Disrupt the Medical Packaging Community

Designed for healthcare leaders by healthcare leaders, Disruption Expo equips executives with tools to advance their careers and manage their business during chaotic times.

Kassandra Kania, Freelance Writer

July 8, 2024

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At a Glance

  • Disruption Expo, founded by innovators Nicholas Webb and Matti Palo, to help healthcare leaders manage chaotic change.
  • The virtual event covers key pillars of innovation, AI, customer experience, workforce, leadership, and future strategies.
  • Keynote speakers will provide actionable insights on innovation, AI, and healthcare transformation.

In a time of rapid and chaotic change, healthcare organizations need strong, collaborative leaders who can implement state-of-the-art strategies to ensure ongoing success. Toward this end, Nicholas Webb, author and healthcare strategist, and Matti Palo, orthopedic surgeon and innovator, founded Disruption Expo, a virtual event scheduled to take place on October 8, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. PST.

“Our goal is simple,” says Webb. “We want our executives to leave our event with a game plan for successfully managing chaotic change to drive success and future readiness within their enterprise.”

The duo has identified four key pillars of disruptive change impacting today’s leaders: hyper-consumerism, emerging technologies, future-ready strategies, and workforce and staffing. Through six educational tracks, attendees will learn how to navigate challenges and improve core competencies across each pillar.

Program curriculum is based on bestselling books and proprietary TrendGPS data:

Chaotic Innovation. In this track, attendees will learn to leverage best practices to improve strategic results, create an enterprise innovation initiative, and generate enterprise value through innovation.

Emerging Technologies. This track covers the latest research in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for cost reduction. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the four chaotic disruptors impacting the medical device, pharmaceutical, and life science industries.

The Experience Economy. This track will explain the experience economy and provide attendees with the tools to create formal customer experience strategies that increase revenue and customer retention.

Workforce and Staffing. Attendees will learn to create a human experience innovation (HXI) strategy leading to a culture of happiness that attracts and retains mission-critical employees.

Lucid Leadership. Based on the bestselling book and training program “Lucid Leadership,” this track will help attendees develop the skills of a Lucid Leader, allowing them to manage complex organizations and gain clarity in the marketplace.

Future Readiness. In this track, attendees will learn how to build future-ready strategies to ensure organizational success while providing better insights for their innovation pipeline.

Captivating keynotes.

In addition to educational tracks, the event will feature keynote presentations from “bestselling authors who bring fresh, actionable insights that executives can apply immediately to drive enterprise innovation and patient impact,” says Webb.

Confirmed keynote speakers include the following:

Nick Webb. Webb will share insights from his latest book, “Chaotic Change,” revealing how the world’s leading healthcare organizations leverage three major trends to achieve predictable growth, foster innovation, and prepare for the future.

Tom Lawry. Lawry demystifies artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, illuminating their profound impact on the future of healthcare. Lawry will break down the hyper-complexity of AI, bringing it into clear focus and providing attendees with the knowledge to develop thoughtful technology integration strategies.

Matti Palo, MD. Palo will explore the transformative impact of new clinical models on healthcare delivery, addressing critical issues such as patient consumerism, patient flow, and quality improvement. Dr. Palo will also delve into the challenges of physician burnout and the human experience, emphasizing how innovation can enhance an organization’s ability to attract and retain mission-critical providers and staff.

A committee is in the process of finalizing additional speakers and is expected to announce their selections by August 1.

Ongoing training and support.

Registration is now open to healthcare leaders on the expo’s website, and the conference is free for those who sign up by September 1. All presentations include comprehensive session collateral and value-added resources. Attendees are also eligible for free leadership and certification training programs. 

In 2025, the expo will switch to an in-person event in Scottsdale, AZ, October 7 - 8, 2025. Registration opens in November 2024.

Disruption Expo is a subsidiary of LeaderLogic LLC, a management consulting firm for the healthcare and life science industries. WebbLogic, a business unit of LeaderLogic, is seeking manufacturers of manufacturing and packaging equipment to add to its lineup of next-generation technologies for the US medical device manufacturing and packaging marketplace. If you’ve got whiz-bang good tech for medical device packaging, reach out to LeaderLogic.

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