Medical device package integrity test methods: 2018

Lisa Pierce in Medical Packaging on August 27, 2018

If you are responsible for testing the integrity of sterile barrier systems for medical devices, this free 25-page definitive guide is for you. Written by veteran medical packaging journalist Daphne Allen, It outlines the available package integrity testing methods, along with exclusive research on the most-used tests.

It’s a great review, especially to prepare for the upcoming meeting of ASTM Committee F02 on Primary Barrier Packaging, scheduled for Oct. 3-4 in Nice, France.

With links to 13 ASTM integrity test methods and insights from 16 medical packaging experts, this report discusses minimum hole size, sensitivity levels, repeatability and validation.

Also, results of the Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News exclusive study reveal:

• Challenges in package integrity testing—and how they are being solved.

• Whether the current tests meet industry needs.

The report looks ahead, too. With the future involving combination products—that is, medical devices with a pharmaceutical product—what changes might be coming in package integrity test methods?

Download your free copy now.



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