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Daphne Allen in Medical Packaging on January 25, 2018

With WestPack and Medical Design & Manufacturing West 2018 shows taking place together in Anaheim February 6-8, medical device packaging professionals will have much to see and learn. 

To help attendees find the newest ideas in medical packaging, we have organized a show-floor tour of some of the latest innovations. Our tour will take place Thursday, February 8 at 11:00am - 12:00pm. Please meet PMP News Editor Daphne Allen at Booth #313 where you'll be given a headset and tour map. Be advised that you should arrive at least 5 minutes before the tour starts.

You will see innovations from the following companies:

  • ATEQ #1889

  • Atlas Vac Machine #1872

  • Berry Global #2359

  • Formost Fuji #4947

  • Rollprint Packaging Products #5425 

Click through below for previews of each technology. We hope to see you February 8!

Leak testing from ATEQ

ATEQ will demonstrate the Hydra, a four-channel pressure decay leak tester designed for R&D, semi-automated, and fully automated lines to automatically detect leaks. ATEQ's leak testing instruments are widely used on applications in all manufacturing industries such as medical, automotive, appliances, electronics, and packaging. 

At the show, ATEQ will be hosting a leak testing demo/game in which smartphones are connected to the company's custom testing fixture that itself is connected to the four-channel Hydra leak tester. (Please see above image.) Heidi Franklin, ATEQ’s Marketing Coordinator, explains that “the contestants have to guess which phone does not have a leak. The phone they select is then put in the center of the fixture to be tested. When pulling the test lever, the Hydra pumps compressed air through the connected tubes into four potential leak zones (headphone jack, charging port, speaker port, and microphone), measures the pressure in each compartment, then sees if there is a pressure drop, which signifies a leak. Those who guess the correct air-tight phone are entered in a contest to win a grand prize!”

Please join us to visit ATEQ at Booth #1889

NEXT: Heat sealers with standard and custom UDI audit trail or printing from Atlas Vac Machine

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