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Daphne Allen in Medical Packaging on January 25, 2018
 Heat sealers with standard and custom UDI audit trail or printing from Atlas Vac Machine 

To support Unique Device Identification requirements, Atlas Vac can add to its heat-sealing systems (including to many existing units in the field) complete data logging of not only the dynamic sealing cycle data but also bar codes, operator IDs and passwords, sign-ins, recipe changes, alarms, date, time, and odometer reading. "Scanning in lot codes and UDI information becomes easy and accurate," the company reports on its Web site. All generated data is included in the audit trail database and can be transmitted to a label printer, all without a PC. All units are industrial PLC based.

Such data can help answer questions such as when a product with a specific UDI was packaged and under what exact parameters, by what operator; when the last cycle alarm was; whether any parameters have been violated; and more, Atlas Vac reports on its Web site. 

Please join us to visit Atlas Vac Machine at Booth #1872 

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