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Daphne Allen in Medical Packaging on January 25, 2018

New medical packaging options from Berry Global Inc.

Berry Global Inc. will be highlighting two new medical packaging solutions, DuraMed and DirectSeal.

DuraMed (see above) is Berry’s solution for form-fill-seal packages, header bags, and peel pouches offering breathability, barrier, clean peel, high resistance to tear and puncture, and tamper-evident uniformity of the packaging seal. DirectSeal is a film with sealant technology that eliminates the need for a matching coated substrate for applications including form-fill-seal, header bags, and peel pouches. DirectSeal provides a consistent seal across temperatures with uncoated paper and flash-spun HDPE, Berry reports in a press release. 

“We’re really excited to bring these new solutions to MD&M West. With the additions of DuraMed and DirectSeal, our innovative healthcare offering has been strengthened in protecting drugs, devices, patients, and medical professionals,” said Allan Houston, Berry’s director of product marketing, healthcare – Americas, in the press release. “These products underscore not only our commitment to our mission of, ‘Always advancing to protect what’s important,’ but also are in direct alignment with our commitment to being a Partner of Choice by delivering performance, quality, and cost-value propositions to our customers.”

Please join us to visit Berry Global at Booth #2359.

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