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Ranfac Adds Steris as Secondary Sterilization Service

Article-Ranfac Adds Steris as Secondary Sterilization Service

Image courtesy of Cision PR Newswire ranfac1.jpg
Steris has been added as a second source of sterilization for Ranfac, increasing sterile product capacity by five times.

Ranfac Corporation, a medical device manufacturing company, recently announced the successful validation of Steris Corporation, a medical equipment company specializing in sterilization and surgical products, as an additional source for Ethelyn Oxide (EO) sterilization services. The company stated that the addition of Steris will increase sterile product capacity by up to five times.

"Having multiple sources of sterilization will add a level of control and an increased sense of reliability," said Barry Zimble, Ranfac COO.

During this time of unprecedented supply chain interruptions, Ranfac affirmed that adding Steris as an additional sterilization service was an essential investment to provide adequate capacity to meet emerging demand for sterile packaged goods.

"What we don't want are bottlenecks, points of slowed movement, in our supply chain," said Michael Faradie, Ranfac director of manufacturing. "This partnership will allow us to produce finished goods at a higher rate, speeding up the entire process and making life easier for everyone."  

Additionally, the addition of Steris will positively affect risk management, according to Eric Kreuz, Ranfac vice president of quality assurance and regulatory assurance, continuing that due to increased output, the company will no longer have to worry about storage of unsterilized stock, improving risk management and benefiting customers.

The company has now begun the process of having its products sterilized at Steris’ Northbrough, MA facility.

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