Dual-ovenable hybrid food tray is MAP ready

Rick Lingle in Modified Atmosphere Packaging on December 18, 2017

First paper-based modified atmosphere packaging food tray in U.S. uses plastic coatings for barrier and shelf life, withstands frozen distribution and reheating in conventional and microwave ovens.


Retail and foodservice brands have a new food packaging option: The DeLight paper-based tray with modified atmosphere packaging-level barrier protection. It’s also a source-reduced alternative to traditional boxed plastic tray packaging for frozen foods and allows direct on-tray printing for a heightened presence in any outlet retail or otherwise.

The tray is supplied by sustainable food packaging-driven thermoformer PinnPACK, which acquired the rights as the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor of DeLight Ltd.'s first-of-its-kind hybrid tray that’s made using renewable paper sources enhanced with plastic polymers.

Compared to current pressed paperboard products, the DeLight tray provides improved sealability and value-added functionality as the first MAP-capable paper-based tray. In addition to its barrier properties, the tray withstands frozen distribution and microwave or conventional oven reheating.

Jason Farahnik, director of the new PinnPACK division in Oxnard, CA, tells Packaging Digest “our DeLight tray is unique in that it is the first dual ovenable, freezer safe paper based tray that is also suitable for MAP applications. Additionally, it’s our belief that brands want a stronger way of expressing themselves. The marketing possibilities with DeLight are endless as we are able to print photo-resolution imagery directly on the tray, which is currently not possible with the CPET (crystallized PET) and polypropylene trays that dominate this space.”


Recycled content, 20 SKUs available

The paperboard is specially coated with a formulated PET or PP depending on the application. “We offer trays with recycled content,” he adds.

PinnPACK has more than 20 production-ready DeLight SKUs available and the company continues to add new tooling based on customer demand, PD has learned. Standard sizes range from 8oz to 54oz along with a specialty 100-oz foodservice tray.

"Our customer base is extremely excited about this offering,” Farahnik says, “beyond the fact that this expands our portfolio, allowing us the ability to become a full-spectrum provider of food packaging that permits our customers to differentiate themselves. There are commercial DeLight customers currently in Europe and Australia. For the U.S., we only recently acquired the rights and have brought the package to our sales force and customer base. Many are excited about this and have begun testing.”

The breakthrough format continues a tradition at the forward-thinking company, which has been an innovator in packaging for produce and bakery items, highlighted by its use of post-consumer recycled PET (rPET). It is a subsidiary of CarbonLITE, the world's largest bottle-to-bottle recycling company, which recycles more than four billion plastic bottles annually.

"It's important for us to approach the issue of sustainability head on to help preserve natural resources,” Farahnik explains. “By using DeLight, customers are able to reduce their overall packaging requirements. The ability to print high-quality images directly on the tray eliminates the need for carton sleeves and boxes, a significant value proposition moving forward."

For more information visit www.pinnpack.com. To inquire further about the DeLight hybrid foodservice tray, email Jason Farahnik at [email protected].


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