New MAP pack gives Franz bread a 40 day shelf life

By Rick Lingle in Modified Atmosphere Packaging on November 03, 2014

Introduced at Pack Expo, Sealed Air’s Cryovac Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology traps oxygen as a new way to dramatically extend shelf life for premium and specialty baked goods.


Oxygen absorbers have been used for years as a modified atmosphere packaging technique, but Sealed Air took a different tack using active barrier film technology that traps oxygen within the film rather than scavenge it. The result is an efficient way to extend the shelf life for baked goods using thermoformed packaging.


Designed to reduce spoilage for preservative-free, whole-grain, gluten-free and other high-end, specialty bakery products that can be susceptible to mold, Cryovac MAP for Bakery can extend product shelf life from traditional 1-2 week timeframes to more than 40 days. The package combines Sealed Air’s Cryovac Freshness Plus active barrier films with carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas-flush processing.


The company’s booth had on display (shown) the first market introduction: Gluten-free bread with 40 days’ shelf life from Franz Bakery in Seattle, WA. After semi-rigid thermoform packaging, the product is  overwrapped in a conventional bread wrap.


Another benefit is a label cleaner of preservatives, according to Kari Dawson-Ekeland, director of marketing, center of store for Sealed Air’s Food Care Division.


The products are MAP-packaged 2-up using Reiser Repak thermoform/fill/seal machinery.


For more information, see Cryovac Food Packaging.

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