Single-serve stemmed wine packaging coupled for efficiency

Rick Lingle in Multipacks on January 19, 2016

Sparked by a Shark Tank episode and the latest variation on a packaging concept for single-serve wine, Couple interlocks two wine glasses using an integrated stem for efficient stacking and shrink wrapping.


While building a better mousetrap is a clichéd goal for inventors in general, for those in packaging that goal may be a prepackaged, single-serve wine glass. We’ve seen a number of inventive plays off the concept over the years (you can see several of those here), and this latest one fits the mold with at least one major point of difference over those others: It is distinguished by an integrated, unitizing stem that adds a familiar note of elegance.

This latest variation on the prepackaged wine theme was designed with efficiency, optimization and practicality in mind. You could call it a completely new kind of wine pairing.

The idea is that of Gus Toca, president/CEO of 201 Innovations, a small company that develops innovative consumer products. “We have recently developed a new packaging solution for the single-serve wine market, it's called Couple and it's a full stem interlocking and stackable wine glass,” he says.

“The foot of the glass serves as a lid to protect the foil seal and also serves as a coaster.”

Toca believes that the design is a great fit for two main markets: Single-serve and stemware. The initial cost per unit with the current design is projected to be 31-36 cents (USD), according to Toca.

He says that PET is the obvious polymer of choice, but for stemware applications he is looking at copolyesters and even hybrid compositions such as a glass bowl bonded with a copolyester stem and foot.

Next: Toca talks about the design, the options and the status.

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